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The Checkout page allows you to update your order, remove products you have selected, and place your order. After you have added checks or accessories to the shopping cart, you can access the Checkout page by clicking the Proceed to Checkout button.

Modifying your checks

Click the Modify Check Design button next to your check selection. You will be allowed to change your check design, check enhancements, or check personalization information.

Removing a product from the shopping cart

Click the Remove button next to the product you would like to remove. The shopping cart will refresh itself, and the product will be removed. (You cannot remove checks from a check order.)

Changing your shipping method

Select a shipping method for each item in your cart using the Shipping Method drop-down list.


For Personal Checks: We recommend First Class, for quicker delivery at a minimal cost. Delivery is guaranteed by the Post Office, so your checks have a better chance of timely arrival. Normal (Bulk) is the lowest cost option, but it does not offer return mail. If your checks are for any reason undeliverable (change of address, etc.), they will likely be discarded by the Post Office as the Post Office is not required to return them to us. To ship your checks even faster, we suggest 2-day or next day shipping (availability may vary).


For Business Checks: We include FedEx Ground as the most economical shipping option for business check products, as they cannot be shipped via Normal (Bulk). To ship your business checks faster, we suggest 2-day or next day shipping (availability may vary).


For accessory products (which cannot be shipped Normal Bulk), we include First Class mail as the most economical shipping option for accessory products, as they cannot be shipped via Normal (Bulk). To ship your accessories faster, we suggest 2-day or next day shipping (availability may vary).


For added security, we recommend Express Signature Required. Your checks will arrive in approximately 4 business days and a signature will be required at the time of delivery. If no one is able to sign for your checks, the courier will reattempt delivery. (You will receive a tracking number, so can make sure someone's there to accept your package.)

Changing your shipping address

Click the "Change shipping address" link. If your financial institution allows it, you will be able to change your shipping address. If your financial institution does not allow you to change the shipping address online, contact a Liberty Customer Service Representative at 1-877-585-8777 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or your financial institution for assistance.

Continuing shopping

Click the Continue Shopping button.

Placing your order

When you are ready to place your order, type your e-mail address in the e-mail confirmation box, then click the Place Your Order button at the bottom of the page. Your e-mail information is required for order confirmation/order shipment information only. Your e-mail is treated as private information and will not be distributed.


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